If you have been losing your hair, you’re probably wondering how to reverse it.

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While aeging is inevitable, hair-loss due to aeging should not be.

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Hair loss can be devastating for some people and an enormous inconvenience to others. While everyone experiences hair loss differently, hair loss does not affect everyone equally. People should not isolate themselves due to shame or fear of superficial judgment. This article focuses on some of the more common causes and symptoms of hair loss in both men and women.
Some causes of male baldness are genetic. Two-thirds of men shed some hair by the age of 35. Medical conditions, radiation, and stress are also known to cause hair loss. Some people experience hair loss because of vitamin deficiencies. However, if the cause is a hereditary condition, there may be ways to treat it. Hair loss in women can be prevented or reversed by addressing the root cause. In addition to hormonal changes, stress can cause thinning of the hair and may even be the root cause of hair loss.

Vitamin A deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, but it is not the only one. Excessive vitamin A intake is linked to hair loss. The vitamin binds to iron and helps it absorb. Food sources of vitamin A include spinach and red meat. If you are lacking vitamin A, eat plenty of almonds and other sources of vitamin E. You should also include vitamin C in your diet. It helps the body absorb iron, a key nutrient for healthy hair.

Supplementing iron is beneficial, but it is not a permanent solution. Iron supplements and foods rich in iron can slow hair loss. Iron deficiency also affects thyroid hormone production. When thyroid hormones are disrupted, hair growth is inhibited. If you suffer from hair loss, your vitamin D levels may also be low.

A balanced diet is another way to reverse hair loss. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates is beneficial to the hair follicles. Complex carbohydrates help the body convert protein to hair cells. Those who are experiencing rapid weight loss may experience increased shedding within six to twelve weeks. This problem will subside after dietary changes are made. But before choosing a diet, it is important to consult a registered dietician and trichologist to determine if a change in diet is the cause. Although such diets may not reverse hair loss, they can greatly aid the process.

While hair loss is not dangerous, it can affect self-esteem and social lives. It is not uncommon to feel self-conscious about appearance because of hair loss.
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